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New Rules! (see below) The Card Game of Oz

Series #1: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

232 Game Cards (4 Story Packs) • 56 Location Cards
4 Title Cards • Rules • 10 Dice • First Player Marker
5 Tuck Boxes

About the Game:

Over 100 years ago L. Frank Baum introduced the world to the wondrous Land of Oz. Now, experience these familiar characters, fantastic locations, and bizarre creatures as never before imagined.

The Card Game of Oz is an Epic Card Game™ using the Storyline Game System™ that adds strategy to your challenging and fun adventures through Oz.

What is an Epic Card Game?
An Epic Card Game™ is a new way to build a collection of card games that can be played individually or combined to expand the scope of a game. Doing away with the concept of Core Sets and Expansions, ECG sets are designed to play right out of the box, and are written to easily interact with other sets. Players can mix cards from various sets to build their own dynamic and creative adventures.

What is the Storyline Game System?
The Storyline Game System™ allows players to build a story line from a set of locations, characters, objects, events and effects. Once a Prime character in the storyline has reached "The End" of the storyline, the game has ended.

Questions • Comments • Discussions
You can have your questions answered, comments read, and discussions shared with The Card Game of Oz Forums on Board Game Geek.

Series #2 (Expansion): The Marvelous Land of Oz

166 Game Cards (3 Story Packs) • 42 Location Cards
4 Title Cards • 5 Tuck Boxes
Base Game Required

Important Notes:

We have created new rules that allow for more strategic and skillful game play which relies less on luck. Download these new rules and return to Oz for a new gaming experience.
New Rules Booklet (15MB PDF)

Extra Cards
A handful of cards let you have more than 3 copies in your libraries. So that you don't have to buy complete duplicates of Series #1 or Series #2, here are PDFs to use to order duplicates from Superior POD. These files are already formatted properly. Be sure you supply SPOD with one or both of the card face files and the card backs file:
Series #1 Extra Cards
Series #2 Extra Cards
Oz Card Backs

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Illus. (left to right) Kate McCredie, Kaitlin Reid, Marissa Rivera, Jerantino, Roberto Melo, Meredith Dillman

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